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Our merchandise consists of name brand quality furniture, home theater systems, tablets and computer systems, appliances, electronics, rims & tires, and jewelry. In addition, a complete warranty is also offered for purchase.

Help customers finance merchandise in order to establish or re-establish their credit.

25 retail locations serving military and government employees since 1991.

If you're in the military, a federal, state or local government employee, our in-house financing averages a 99% approval rating regardless of your past credit history. Real purchasing power!

USA Discounters policy is to help all military, federal, state and local government employees with their shopping needs with affordable financing. We have a low monthly payment to fit your budget and immediate delivery!

We ship right to your doorstep! USA Discounters features immediate nationwide delivery.

Remember, your past credit history is not a problem at USA Discounters; we'd like to help you reestablish your credit while providing you with the highest quality furnishings for your home.

USA Discounters never extends more credit than we reasonably believe an individual can handle.

USA Discounters believes that military, federal, state or local government employee's have purchasing power even if your credit is less than perfect.

USA Discounters believes in a strong military, which includes financially strong military members, free of the distractions of financial woes.

We are a proud, accredited member of the online Better Business Bureau.