Seafood City Supermarket

The Marketplace is a one-stop shopping destination that aims to serve and satisfy the needs of a thriving ethnic population across all feasible retail channels:

• Supermarket
• Restaurants
• Bakeries
• Drugstore / Pharmacy
• General Merchandise
• Services

Established over 20 years ago with the opening of its first store in San Diego in Southern California, Seafood City is recognized as the "home away from home" for Filipino / Asians in the United States.

Seafood City Supermarket

At the heart of the Marketplace is Sea­food City Supermarket, the premier full-service supermarket chain of its type in the United States.

Seafood City essentially has a mix of Asian and Filipino-influenced offerings with practical products to serve a diverse population. The supermarket features fresh seafood and meat departments, a wide selection of fresh produce, bakery, health and beauty, as well as quick grab-and-go options. It carries a wide selection of Filipino and Asian grocery items, as well as American products that one would normally find in any supermarket.

Seafood City locations are in Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas Nevada and Seattle, Washington.

Source: Seafood City Supermarket online