Oto's Marketplace


Japanese bento – Japanese box lunch typically containing rice, meat or fish, pickled vegetable and fruit.

Oto’s Bento is made fresh throughout the day and ready to enjoy right in the store or take home for a convenient way to satisfy your hungry family. Choose from a large selection of entrée’s including fresh grilled teriyaki salmon, handmade katsu (pork, chicken, calamari), chicken karaage with homemade dipping sauce, fresh made okonomiyaki and the list goes on.


Oto’s offers the largest selection of Japanese food items in Sacramento expanding their shelves adding Korean, China, Taiwan and Pacific Islander favorites.
Oto’s offers a wide variety of rice including local grown and imported from Japan white, brown rice ranging from short – long grains, deli full of pickled vegetables, fish cakes and fresh, frozen and dry noodles and vast array of frozen foods that can only be found at Oto’s. The grocery aisles are neatly organized to easily find your favorite sauces, spices, rick crackers, snacks, teas and much more!


Located in the farm to fork city of Sacramento, Oto’s offers some of Sacramento’s finest seasonal fruits and vegetables from locally California grown farmers.


Oto’s is known for their large selection of quality fresh fish, shell fish and finest sushi-grade fish in the greater Sacramento area.

Customers come from far and wide to Oto’s for the most highly sought-after sashimi grade fish such as FRESH yellowfin tuna, yellowtail Hamachi, and salmon. Oto’s features Ora-King premium farm raised salmon from New Zealand, our flagship sashimi salmon because it is raised without GMOs, hormones, vaccines, chemicals or antibiotics and boasts the highest natural oil content with full traceability and sustainability. Oto’s fresh tuna selection includes Hawaiian Ultra Bigeye tuna, which is considered the absolute best grade of fresh Ahi available in the world with translucent, vibrant red color, but its the high creamy oil content of this tuna is what makes this tuna taste superb and unique. One of Oto’s best sellers is the Mexican Bluefin farm raised tuna with softer flesh, fatty texture which contributes to its rich taste.


The main reason Oto’s poke is so popular is because we make it fresh daily, cut fresh yellowfin tun a, add our traditional Hawaiian island recipe giving a salty savory flavor top it off with
some fresh green onions to accentuate the flavors. Whereas, most other restaurants and poke bars use frozen yellowfin which is why it is watery and sauce based seasoning which masks the frozen fish.


Over 50 years ago, Ted Oto started his business as a butcher and took great pride in offering quality meats. Today, his son Michael continues to uphold the same pride, offering superb quality and a variety of cuts.

Oto’s carries only the finest USDA Choice, Niman Ranch Prime, First Light Grass Fed, Oto’s Imperial Wagyu, Japan Wagyu A5, Berkshire Kurobuta pork and our own dry age beef. Oto’s specializes in thin cuts of beef and pork for sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yakiniku or specialty cut short ribs and oxtail are a few of the specialty cuts Oto’s offers. The poultry selection is all natural and certified organic chicken from Smart Chicken. Oto’s ground beef and pork are ground daily on premise using the fresh quality meats and always has your favorite Portuguese sausage, Japan sausage and old fashion hotdogs.


Dry aging is a natural process that improves the tenderness of beef and add a unique brown-roasted beef flavor.  The process entails individual loins placed under refrigeration with humidity controlled conditions.  The process extract moisture from the meat over time which is why it can take up to 28 days to age.

Try Oto’s own dry age USDA Prime and Wagyu Rib Eye in their full service meat case.


Oto’s sake selection features the largest selection of Japanese, Korean and domestic sake in Sacramento.

Looking for a great sake? Oto’s carries a variety of grades, types and sizes of sake from the popular classic Junmai to the highest grade Junmai Dai Ginjo, offering sparkling, flavored and unfiltered, cold or hot and from individual to large bottle servings. Top popular brands include Born, Dassai and Kubota.


About Oto’s Marketplace

Ted Oto started his business back in 1959, when he opened up his first meat and fish business at Vina Vista Market on 14th Avenue in Sacramento. In 1979, Ted expanded his business to include groceries and purchased Food Center on Freeport and Fruitridge. Outgrowing that space, in 1985, he relocated a few blocks, which was then the Cortyard Shopping Center, and renamed his business to Oto's Japan Foods, specializing in Japanese food, produce, quality meat and fish and with wife Mollie on a two burner gas stove, added fresh bento and sushi.

Ted always knew that one day he wanted to build a store and continue to build a busi¬ness that he hopes will be passed onto future generations and support the growing Asian community in Sacramento. The opening of Oto’s Marketplace is the beginning of a long time dream of Ted, passes the baton down to the next generation, as well as integrates the change of times to a traditional family business.

Although the business has grown over the years, Oto’s Marketplace still has the heart of a family run business. Ted continues to keep an eye on the business, while wife Mollie runs the kitchen operations and recipe development, son Russell is the store General Manager, son Michael operates all aspects of the specialized meat and fish department, daughter Florence Oto-Wong, a peace officer for Sacramento County also assist in the kitchen during the evening and weekends and daughter Cheryl Inouye, a Chief Financial Officer in Los Angeles, assists with many aspects of the Finances of the business.

The growth and success of the business continues to thrive with the help of an amazing extended family of employees, supportive spouses, relatives and friends as well as all of their new and loyal customers!
ver 500 DAISO products, priced at $1.50 and up.