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Alfredo Lunardi was born in Lucca, Italy. In 1950, at the age of 20, he left his native Italy to settle in San Francisco. By 1953, Alfredo acquired a local San Francisco market called "Mother's Market," located at 23rd and Irving Street. From that simple beginning, Alfredo, with help of his sons Ralph and Paul, eventually opened 8 locations in the Bay area.

"The key to our success is good people, and we have the best in the business," explains Alfredo proudly. 
“When customers walk into Lunardi's, it's as if they are walking into our home. You can feel the warmth between our employees and our customers."

If focusing on personal service is one element of Alfredo's success, maintaining the best quality is the other. He has retained this philosophy from when he hand-selected every piece of produce at the wholesale markets, at 1 a.m. every morning. As he illustrates today, "We can explain our prices, but we don't ever want to have to justify our quality."