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Fingers traces its roots back to the mid-1800’s when Sam and Annie Finger started a General Store in Shepherd, Texas, a small rural community about 50 miles north of Houston. In 1925, Sam Finger moved to Houston and in 1927, opened a small store which would lead to the formation of the Finger Furniture Company, Inc. in 1946. 

By the early 60’s, Sammy Finger and his brother Aaron noted a change in customers. In 1965, Sammy and his brother made a bold move.  They opened the Fingers “Magnificent Furniture Center,” the largest furniture store in Houston with over 10 acres and 500 room settings filled with famous, name-brand furniture all under one roof.  Sammy and his brother also were the first to introduce “concept rooms” and “room packages.”

The Fingers store was built on the site of Buff Stadium, home to Houston’s minor league baseball team.  The original site of home plate was preserved and a museum was built around it.  The Houston Sports Museum is a tribute to Houston sports, particularly baseball, and has one of the finest collections of sports memorabilia in the country. 

In 1989, Sammy’s son Robert “Bobby” Finger became President and CEO of Finger Furniture Company, Inc. Bobby became the spokesperson for the company and was well known for his television commercials and tag line, “at your Fingers.”

In 2009, Rodney S. Finger, Bobby Finger’s son, acquired Finger Furniture Company, Inc.’s trademarks, including Finger Furniture and Fingers.  After a brief closing, Rodney re-opened Finger Furniture at the location built by Rodney’s grandfather, Sammy Finger.  Rodney also re-opened The Houston Sports Museum and has updated the collection of sports memorabilia. 

Fingers is a proud Houston furniture store with dedicated employees. 

Rodney has recommitted the Houston furniture store to the principles Founder Sam Finger, Sr. instilled in the Finger family over 80 years ago and passed from generation to generation. Those principles are simple:  offer a huge selection of the best brand names in the industry; sell your merchandise at the best possible price up-front; don’t make it hard for your customers to know if they are getting the best deal; treat your customer fairly just as you would want to be treated; and leave your community better off than it is today. 

These are the principles Fingers stands for. On behalf of the Finger family and our family of dedicated employees at our Houston furniture store, we look forward to serving you.