More than just a grocery store. As an employee- and family-owned company, we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and offering our guests an exceptional shopping experience.

Our Story

From positively impacting communities to ensuring quality products to providing an exceptional experience, we’ve fueled a culture of excellence for more than 70 years.

At Festival Foods, our customers are our guests. With family at our core, we aim to give each and every guest the personal attention and support we would expect from our own families. We go above and beyond to ensure we’re meeting expectations held by our guests. It all boils down to our Boomerang Principle:

Every business decision we make is based on the question, “Will it bring the customer back?”


To develop a team of associates dedicated to providing our guests with a clean store, friendly people, quality products, exceptional value and an enjoyable shopping experience.


Festival Foods will win at grocery for the benefit of our associates, our guests and our communities. Our mission and vision are accomplished thanks to five values that best describe what we’re all about.


Throughout our stores, you’ll find quality products that you won’t find anywhere else. For every snack at the kitchen counter, for every meal gathered around the table, for every situation — we have you covered.

Our Values


Our team practices servant leadership; leading is to serve the legitimate needs of others. We work toward common goals, remove obstacles and get work done through others by positively influencing them.


Our team remain focused on delivering results with excellence. We display passion, focus and a sense of urgency in our day-to-day work.


We’re all about making a positive difference in the communities we serve and the lives of the people in those communities. Building relationships helps us keep people at the heart of our organization.


We have a passion for developing our associates and are committed to helping each other grow both personally and professionally. We keep things fun, believe that good enough never is, and value the pursuit of excellence in our daily lives.


Our team is committed to practicing our Boomerang Principle by treating every customer as a guest. Festival Foods associates are empowered to make decisions and take actions that will bring the guest back.


At Festival Foods, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We know that partnering with area events is just being a good neighbor.