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Curacao ranks among the top 50 electronics and appliance retailers in the U.S. In the years since our recovery from the 1992 riots, the company has expanded many times over, adding new stores and warehouses, offering new services beyond retail sales, and becoming the most trusted name within our market. Curacao gains momentum with each passing year, with plans to enter Hispanic markets in new cities and give more communities access to our quality products and services. Here at Curacao we value our unique relationship with our customers. The local Latino population is more than a market to us—it is a vibrant community, and Curacao is an active member.

The Bird of Paradise, Curacao's new logo, is a symbol of everything the company founders believe in. It represents Curacao's dedication to remain faithful to its Latino communities.

"Our new logo will serve as a reminder of the promise we made to our customers 30 years ago when the company was first founded—our promise to provide quality service driven by honesty, respect, and the outmost courtesy." –CEO Ron Azarkman