Providing you with freshness and quality since 1921

Welcome to Coborn’s! Our growing retail company is in the business of people serving people – our employees and our guests! Our full-service Coborn’s stores are mostly located throughout Minnesota with two stores in South Dakota. Coborn’s employees strive to live out the following brand promises:


We work hard to offer the best selection of the freshest products available. As our guests’ shopping preferences are changing, our stores continually evolve to transition more and more of our footprint into fresh offerings.

Guest Focus

At Coborn’s, each guest is our most important guest. We constantly look for ways to create unique shopping experiences, anticipate needs and exceed expectations for our guests.

Health & Nutrition

As a company, we have many initiatives in place to support health and nutrition. From providing "Dietitian's Choice" labels on our grocery tags to help guests make better nutrition choices to having healthy checkout lanes, to expanding our Natural and Organic offerings, and maintaining strong connections with local farmers, healthy living is a priority.

Promotional Excitement

To provide an exciting shopping experience for our guests, Coborn’s has a number of selling events and promotional activities. We often host special events, contests and feature fun activities to engage our guests. Our stores love to provide samples of our specialty items and our employees often perform community outreach together. There is always something fun going


Coborn’s started as Produce market in Sauk Rapids, MN in 1921. The Coborn family slowly grew the company into what it is today. Now we are employee owned with more than 120 retail locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa.

Our annual revenue is $1.4 billion and we’re working toward a tremendous goal of becoming a $2 billion company as we grow. We are continuing to build new stores and acquire small grocery chains throughout the Midwest.

Two generations of Coborn family leadership are actively involved in the company today, including Chris Coborn, who is the current President, CEO and Chairman, and his daughter, Emily Coborn, who is Vice President of Fresh Merchandising. Under their leadership, the thriving company continues to grow and evolve into a dynamic organization.