Cardenas Market
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In 1957 Jesus Cardenas arrived from Jalisco, Mexico to work as part of the "bracero" work program. Mr. Cardenas arrived with a commitment to work and the desire to provide a better future for his family.

The years of working in the fields led him to different locations all over the state of California. He worked in Riverside, Oxnard, and the Coachella Valley. Little did he know that years later, these areas would all become prime locations for Cardenas Markets. He fulfilled his dream of starting his own family business.

His wife, Luz, is an invaluable business partner as well. Together they built the foundation for success. They began by selling pork, poultry, chorizo and cheeses, as well as the delicious dishes from Mrs. Cardenas' home cooked recipes of the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Soon after, customers started lining up and the Cardenas stores were born.

Cardenas Markets is proud to be a family business. The second generation has always been involved in day-to-day operations. Jesus Jr., Jose, Lupe and George Cardenas continue to grow their parents' vision and express their passion, work ethic and dedication. With new locations opening in California and planned expansion into other states, Cardenas continue to focus on you, their customer, maintaining your loyalty and preference - more than shopping at a supermarket, Cardenas wants you to feel right at home.