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The W.S. Badcock Corporation (WSBC) is one of the largest privately-owned home furniture retailers in the United States. Founded in 1904, WSBC has been operating for 104 years. WSBC is headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, and employs more than 1,200 corporate employees. There are more than 300 Badcock stores in eight states which offer customers a full range of furniture, bedding, appliances, electronics, accessories and floor coverings.
More than 80% of our stores are individually owned through our unique dealership business model. Because we consign all of our merchandise to the dealers and do not require a franchise fee, our model offers the benefits of business ownership and allows for a quicker start-up than the traditional franchise system.

As we celebrate the growth and achievements of the past 100 years, we also continue to look toward the future, and in recent years have undergone significant expansion and modernization plans both in-store and online.
In 2000, we developed a new store concept called Badcock &more that includes a product line of more than 4,000 items; a brighter, more spacious store display; and a new logo.

While the philosophy "Badcock will treat you right" stays the same, we introduced the new concept to better serve our existing customers and to appeal to a broader customer base. Of the stores that have converted, most have seen at least a 20 percent sales increase.
In 2003, we developed a new dealer contract to uphold new operating standards and enhance the long-term growth opportunities for our dealers. Today, we continue our expansion with plans to target new dealers throughout the Southeast, including Kentucky and West Virginia, which to date are untapped markets.

Badcock has been satisfying customers for over 100 years. Whether in-store or online, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Accessible via e-mail or telephone we have an attentive customer service staff dedicated to our customer's satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or have questions, we're here to help.

Contact us directly by e-mail and our customer service representatives will work with you to address your concerns. We have always treated our customers right and now more then ever we make it easy to buy furniture.