Arizona Leather
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STYLE. We boast the largest selection of fashionable leather furnishings in the United States. From "The Classics" to contemporaries to ultra modern. We manufacture over 100 distinct designs of leather sofas, love seats, chairs, sectionals, sleepers and reclining furniture. With more than 40 different leathers available in 400 different colors, there are no limitations. You can select a style you like and a leather you’ll love.

COMFORT. All of our styles are engineered with comfort in mind. However, because every "body" is different, we can customize your sofa to fit your body. So, if you have a bad back and require more support or you want to "fall" into your sofa, just let us know. We can make all the adjustments necessary for a perfect fit. After all, if it looks great but isn’t comfortable... what’s the point!

QUALITY. Constructed of hardwood frames and tempered steel springs, backed by a lifetime warranty, assures you that your leather furniture is built to stand the test of time. Leather can last 4 times longer than any fabric. Because of this fact, we install zippers on all of our seat cushions, back bags and arm bags, allowing the ability to "re-stuff" your sofa as time goes by.